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Therapeutic Jenga: These questions spark a lot of conversation, help build rapport, encourage self-expression and let me gather some great information in an engaging way. Play like regular jenga but have the client read/answer a question that corresponds with the block they remove.  

  • Jenga With Cards: Color-code the blocks by painting the pieces or putting different colored stickers on the ends of each block.  I used a template I created in “Pages” to make my cards/questions, and then printed them on 3 colors of card stock.  I have also cut cards our of construction paper and then glued on questions.  I have Teen Ungame cards that I sometimes use for a blue category.  You could also play this game by simply listing what the client should do for each color (ex. for every red describe something that makes you angry).  Click here for a list of questions.
  • Jenga Without Cards: Instead of using cards you could also just write your question, feeling, coping skill, etc. on the block itself, but this gives you less freedom to alter for specific clients. The most versatile way to do it is to come up with 4 themes (ex. coping, social skills, feelings, get to know you) that each correspond with a different color.  Use each color to write the questions on all sides of the blocks or print questions on 4 colors of labels.  Every block will have a question on each of its 4 sides. You can have the client read one color for the whole game or role a colored dice to determine which one they read.
  • SchoolSocialWorkerBlog also sells a template for printing labels that can be stuck on jenga blocks.  See here.
  • Tips: Keep things light in the rapport building stage and know your client before introducing more personal questions.  At the start of the game I let clients know that they can skip questions they don’t feel comfortable answering.  Ask follow-up questions to explore your client’s responses.  Sometimes a question will snowball into a whole session worth of material and my clients completely forget about the game. 
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