Creative Clinical Social Worker
Social Worker Tumblrs
Creative Clinical Social Worker
Social Workin’
It Will All Make Sense
The Political Social Worker
Social Work Tech
Social Work Helper
Radical Social Worker
Social Work Memes
Social Werq
Unemployed Social Worker
Student Social Worker
Products of Poverty
SWK 4 Life
What Should We Call Social Work?
School Meet Life
Canadian Social Worker
Social Justice Solutions
Life as a Social Worker
ACSWA Clinical Social Work
Social Worky Megan
Lauren LCSW
Miss Joan
Heirloom June
The Notorious Amy
The Social Work Network
Social Worker Taking on the World
Social Work Grad Students
Social Work Wisdom
Social Work Sad
School Social Worker Blog
Social Work Psych Stuff
Alison Rae
What Even Is Social Justice?
Chris Talks Social Work Stuff
Social Work Bridges
Social Work Wanderer 
Social Workers Online
Tito Tito
Hand Knit By a Failed Feminist
The Social Work Exam
The Running Vegan MSW
Social Worky
Social Work Musings
Geeky Therapist
Connect The Dots Backwards
Other Side of the Couch
Steven Armijo
Social Work, Psych and Counseling
All Things Social
June on the West Coast
Chasing Thunder
Social Work Problems
Ramp Your Voice
Jehovahs Thicknesss
Aspie Social Worker
Social Justice Works
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Creative Clinical Social Worker
The Humbled Therapist
Therapy 101
It Will All Make Sense
Trauma Therapist
What Should We Call Art Therapy?
Connect The Dots Backwards
Passionate Therapist
Therapist Confessions
Tenacious Twenties
Kati Morton
PsyD or Bust
Twin Therapists
So This is Expressive Therapies
Therapist in Therapy
The Angry Therapist
Doctor School Problems
Psychologist Problems
Keep Calm And Psychoanalyze
She Wants the PsyD
Other Side of the Couch
Secrets of a Sarcastic Psychologist
Confessions of a Broke Grad Student
Geeky Therapist
So You’re a Music Therapist
Thrive Music Therapy
Fuck Yeah Therapizing
Misses Torrance
Art Journaling
Therapist at Play
Creative Arts Therapy Rocks
Lowery Makes Art
Serious Mental Illness Blog
Psychological Musings
Cognitive Defusion
Chameleon Play Therapy
Heirloom June
Counseling Inside and Outside
Psych Jim
Mindful Irreverence
The Medicated Therapist
What Should We Call MFT
Therapy Bros
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Creative Psychologist
Psychology Tumblrs
Real Psycho
Cognitive Defusion
Science of EDs
Counseling Blog
Psych Majors
Mental Health Resource
Recovery and Mental Health
Psych Health
Tidbits of the Mind
Psychology Humor
Mental Health Reform
The Psychology Blog
Behaviourist at Play
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Mental Health Tumblr Directory
Mental Illness Tumblr Directory
List of 50+ Mental Health “Advice Animals” Tumblrs
List of Safe Space Tumblrs
Mental Health Advice
Psych Student In Therapy
Establishing a New Normal
Recovery Awareness
Mental Illness Mouse
My Recovery is a Choice
Believe In Recovery
Confessions of Counseling
Illness to Recovery
We Hug The Internet
Self Care After Rape
The Blogs The Thing
Zen Recovery
For Your Mental Health
By request, I have updated my blog recommendation list.  These aren’t listed in any particular order so check them all out.  If you know of any others I should add to the list please let me know (self promotion is welcome!).

Social Worker Tumblrs

Therapist Tumblrs

Psychology Tumblrs

Recovery/Support Tumblrs

By request, I have updated my blog recommendation list.  These aren’t listed in any particular order so check them all out.  If you know of any others I should add to the list please let me know (self promotion is welcome!).

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